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The Human Head Weighs 8 Pounds

Posted by on January 9 in Blog, treating whiplash, treatment for whiplash, whiplash |

Most people who get a whiplash-like injury think it is caused by a problem in their muscles. It’s easy to see this why this may be the case since muscle pain following car accidents is so common. Deep pain and even spasm can occur after severe trauma resulting in daily pain and even headaches. Since our 8 -12 pound head (a small bowling ball) is attached to our necks, by muscles that go into the shoulder region, whiplash can feel like a...

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Headaches: Ever Ask Yourself “Why?”

Posted by on September 16 in Blog, migraine headaches, whiplash |

It’s remarkable how many different types of pain relievers there are for headaches. Aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen are consumed daily in America by the truckloads. Not just the corner drug stores but also supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas stations keep an abundant supply. Have you ever thought about how we approach a health problem or symptom? Too often it’s a knee-jerk reaction where we pop a pill for whatever ill....

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Why does my neck hurt but my car only got a dent?

Posted by on April 6 in Blog, neck pain, whiplash |

Whiplash pain can be much different from other types of injuries. When a car accident is severe, the pain will come on right away. If the injury produces a mild or moderate sprain, sometimes it takes a few days for the pain and inflammation to reach its maximum. Sometimes it is stiffness that is the primary symptom and the person notices this in the first few weeks after the accident. The delay in pain is often seen in low speed collisions where...

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