Our patients have this to say…

My overall health has drastically improved! I have more mobility and flexibility in my hips with increased strength in my lower extremities. And I rarely have headaches! We are a chiropractic family dedicated to establishing and maintaining a drug-free healthy body. After all, our bodies have to last us a lifetime. It should be as pain-free and happy as long as we can make it so. -Donna

new baby21 TestimonialsI must say that after a year and a half I feel better! It is a process and there are ups and downs but well worth it. Not only have I been helped, but my friend Scott has also been helped with neck and lower back pain! I tell anyone who is sick and suffering in pain to see a chiropractor. Today I just feel much better!

One of the beneficial results I‘ve received is feeling mentally more alert. This has given me an added plus in my career. I also haven’t had any colds or flu’s since coming to Dr. Stadelman, whereas before I was always fighting off something. I would suggest to anyone to seek chiropractic help for many issues, not just pain but overall physical health and mental alertness. -Linda

new teens1 TestimonialsAt the recommendation of my family physician, I went to see a surgeon for a low back injury. He stated that my back could be restored to 80% of its former state, but that I would be bed-ridden for 12 weeks. I couldn’t accept that. Due to chiropractic care, I am now 90% pain-free, and on the road to 100%! On top of the pain loss, I’ve improved my flexibility and posture.
– John

My neck and upper back are less tense, lower back pains are infrequent and the numbness to my fingers are infrequent. Also, I only get a headache about once every three weeks or so. Because of my improved posture, people have asked me if I have been working out and have lost weight! – Dominic