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Enjoy Your Summer Activities with Chiropractic Care

Posted by on June 4 in back pain, bellevue chiropractic, Blog, chiropractic treatment for headaches |

The temperatures are rising and summer is in full swing. This means it’s time to take part in some of you favorite summer activities. From golfing, playing tennis or hiking to doing yard work and tasks around the home, there are many activities we take part in once the cold goes away. With this increased activity comes increased stress to our bodies, along with strain, stiffness and pain in our bones and joints. If our bodies are not flexible...

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Mom always told you to sit up straight: Minimizing your risk for whiplash

Posted by on January 6 in Blog |

As a Bellevue Chiropractor I have 17 years of experience treating people for whiplash injuries due to auto accidents. While it is hard prevent someone from crashing their car into your car, there are some things you can do to minimize whiplash injuries. The first thing is making sure your seat is upright and the head rest touches the top part of the back of your head. If there is a lot of distance between your head and the rest, it will do...

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Can chiropractic and massage mean a healthier delivery for you?

Posted by on December 11 in Blog |

We see many women during the course of their pregnancies at our Downtown Bellevue chiropractic and massage center. Even patients who have had regular chiropractic adjustments for years can ask themselves, “Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy?” The answer is yes! Not only is it safe to have chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy, it can actually help you have a healthier, easier delivery. Understand that receiving chiropractic care...

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This Cold and Flu Season, Boost Your Immune System Safely

Posted by on November 4 in Blog |

Treating cold and flu symptoms with drugs may provide temporary relief from sniffles, sore throats, aches and pains, but may weaken your body’s own ability to defend itself naturally and protect you from other problems in the future. 1) Nutrition – Eating properly has a profound effect on the immune system. A diet, which includes plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetable, will help to keep the immune system in tiptop shape. Drink...

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Bellevue Chiropractor for Neck Pain and Whiplash Treatment

Posted by on September 30 in Blog |

Many people are in search of an experienced Bellevue Chiropractor for whiplash treatment suffered in a recent auto accident. Whiplash and neck pain are complex injuries involving the delicate soft tissues and the nerves of your neck. Even low-speed collisions can produce significant injury. People with these types of injuries may have neck or back pain, arm pain, and even headaches or dizziness. Some people with minor muscle strains will recover...

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