First Visit and Initial Paperwork

On your first visit, we will ask you to complete a patient questionnaire and history. You may save yourself time and complete the paperwork before your first visit. All forms are in Adobe PDF format. You’ll need Adobe Reader, a free download, to view and print the forms.

  • Intake Form
  • Health History – Chiropractic
  • Health History – Naturopathy
  • Health History – Massage Therapy

What to Expect of Your Chiropractic Examination

You may have been to a chiropractor in Bellevue, Redmond or some other clinics where you are made to feel like you are being pushed into more care than you are comfortable. We just want you to know that we don’t work that way here. All programs are individually designed to meet your individual needs.

The first time we see you, we will make a thorough record of your health history. Our goal is to pinpoint the actual source of the problem instead of focusing on just the symptoms. Then the doctor will perform an examination of your spine, posture and body alignment. A set of computerized tests involving thermography and sEMG will be performed to determine the spinal nerves affected and to what extent. The doctor may examine other areas depending on your specific complaints; for example, shoulder, knee or feet.

Once finished with the examination, you will usually receive your first treatment. This may include spinal adjustments and therapy procedures to make you feel more comfortable. Prior to leaving you will be given self-treatment advice which may include the application of ice or heat, any activities or positions to avoid, and home exercises and/or stretches to help relieve pain and speed healing.

At your follow-up visit Dr. Stadelman will explain what is out of alignment, and what type of treatment will bring you back to health. Treatment options for your condition will also be discussed during this time.